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Q1. What is wellness coaching?

Ans. Wellness coaching is both a partnership and a process to set goals, prioritize what matters most and help you to follow through. The wellness coaching process will build confidence in your ability to make changes and create new healthy habits.

Q2. What is a health coach?

Ans. A health coach is someone who helps you to identify small diet and lifestyle changes that you can make to reach your health goals, whatever they may be (lose weight, reduce stress, gain energy, etc).  Health coaches are both listeners and advice-givers; they guide clients through the world of contradictory nutrition information and provide recommendations based on the individual’s goals, habits, and body.

Q3. Who needs a wellness coach?

Ans: Many people want to be fitter, lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, etc. but we find it extremely difficult to make these important changes on our own. We might begin a fitness program or go on a diet, but we don’t seem to be able to follow through with what we started.  The knowledge and information about being healthy are all around us, yet achieving good health is much easier said than done. This is where wellness coaching can make a difference!

Q4. What are some features of wellness coaching?

Ans: An entire program consists of an initial appointment (about 60 minutes) and usually can be completed in 12 weeks, although it is not uncommon for coaching relationships to last longer. Clients are encouraged to try new activities, see themselves in a new way and have fun.

Q5. Who could benefit from Wellness Coaching?

Ans. Anybody in any sphere of the change cycle (contemplation, preparation, determination, action, or relapse) would benefit from a wellness coach relationship. I can help people with:

  • Any kind of self-defeating behavior
  • A life out of balance/life that is not your own
  • A relationship with food that does not support wellness
  • A high amount of stress, anxiety or discontentedness
  • A desire to commit to and stick with regular exercise
  • Type II Diabetes or early clinical signs of diabetes
  • A feeling that despite great accomplishments, something in life is missing
  • It is important to say that coaching in

Q6. Do I have to have a serious health issue or illness to benefit from a health coach?

Ans. No!  I work with many clients who have no major issues but simply want to learn how to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables into their diets. I also work with clients who feel good as is, but I want to find ways to feel even better!

Q7. I’m not sure health coaching is right for me. How do I decide?

Ans. Let’s talk! Schedule a complimentary strategy session to learn more and figure out if coaching is right for you!

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